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Helpful Links

Aging and Disability Resource Center – Racine - www.adrc.racineco.com

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin - www.alzwisc.org

Alzheimer’s Association - www.alz.org

Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) - www.alfa.org

Center for Excellence in Assisted Living - www.theceal.org

Family Care Wisconsin - www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/ltcare

Family Caregiver Support Network - www.living-options.org

National Council on Aging - www.ncoa.org

National Institute on Aging - www.nia.nih.gov

Racine Area Manufacturers & Commerce - www.racinechamber.com

Rely Local – Racine & Kenosha - www.relylocal.com/racine-kenosha-wisconsin

Senior Resources Wisconsin - www.seniorresourcesonline.com

Wisconsin Affordable Assisted Living - www.wiaffordableassistedliving.org

Wisconsin Assisted Living Association (WALA) - www.ewala.org