Fresh Coast Partners


Parkview Gardens is managed by Fresh Coast Partners.  Our management approach is driven by the belief that all seniors, regardless of income, are entitled to live in a high-quality environment and to receive services as needed and desired.  The ownership team of Fresh Coast Partners brings 25 years of professional experience in the healthcare and housing industries, as well as personal experience as family members of seniors dealing with challenges due to aging and dementia.

No matter how beautiful the building, quality in assisted living stems from the staff that works in the building and are entrusted with bringing services to its residents.  Fresh Coast Partners was started with the premise that when a company puts its people first, the results will be spectacular.  We share a vision that quality services can only come from employees who feel valued, empowered, and motivated to care for those who depend on them – our residents and their families.  By putting our employees first, they, in turn, will put our residents first.

Fresh Coast Partners is a longtime members of the Wisconsin Assisted Living Association (WALA) and is a founding member of the WALA Diamond Accreditation program.


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