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2 Bedroom Unit C

Living Room

The light-filled living room is large enough to accommodate generously sized furniture and still leave room for the dining area at the near end.

Dining Area

Occupying the cozy inner end of the living room, the dining area would take a larger table and still leave room to push the chairs back.


Close to the dining area, the well-provided kitchen has plenty of storage. A ledge wall creates a sense of connection and allows in extra light from the living room.

Balcony Entrance

The balcony is entered from the far end of either the living room or the kitchen, where it commands fine views of the park-like campus.

The Balcony

Approximately 11′ x 6′, the balcony gives residents a pleasant place to enjoy coffee in the fresh air.

Bedroom #1

The master bedroom is spacious enough for a large vanity unit in addition to full double bed (or twin beds). This bed is set in the inner corner of the bedroom. Twin beds or a king bed can also be easily accommodated.

Bedroom #2

This resident chose to make her second bedroom into a study-workroom. The window looks over the balcony to our park-like grounds.

Apartment Size1002 sq.ft.
  • Living Room
    11’8″ x 24’2″
  • Bedroom 1
    13’6″ x 16’9″
  • Bedroom 2
    11’9″ x 12’9″
  • Balcony
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen